What to Do

Skiing: Within the province of Antalya, is a ski centre at Saklıkent, in the Bey Mountain range, at 1850 m There are two ski lifts, restaurants and hotels available. The skiing season runs between January and April and in the spring months it is possible to ski in the morning and then swim in the afternoon.

Mountaineering: The Bey Mountain has peaks ranging from 600 - 3086 m., with a variety of geological and typographical features and offers a wide range of climbing opportunities.The important peaks are Tekedoruğu, Bakırlı Dag, Tahtalıdağ and Kızlar Sivrisi. Climbers will pass through the cedar forests of Çamkuru Valley on their way to the top. The climbs can be completed in one day

Rafting: Within the Köprülü Canyon National Park, Köprücay is among the most breathtaking rafting centers in the country. Manavagat River rushes powerfully over the rocks, and offers excellent rafting opportunities. There are many agencies in the city that organize trips, including transport and equipment.

Diving: Various points of Antalya’s coastline provide opportunities for diving. Especially you can dive in Adrasan and Kekova.

Hunting: Foreigners can only hunt in parties organized by Turkish travel agencies which have been authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. These agencies provide all information concerning seasons, authorized zones, permits, weapons and ammunition. The list of agencies can be obtained from the Union of Travel Agencies (TURSAB).

Along the coasts and in the highlands there is an abundance of partridge, pheasant, pigeons quail and turtledove. In the rocky crags and down on the plane there are wild pigeons, woodcocks and blackbirds.The wild ducks and geese that live in the lakes and ponds come down to the coast in the winter. In the forests, along the coasts have deer, foxes, martins, roe deer, squirrels and mountain goats, while the mountains have bears and several species of wolves.

Fishing: Tourists may fish for leisure in non-prohibited areas without a license. Amateur equipment and non-commercial, multi-hooked lines should be used and nets should not weigh more than 5 kg. Commercial fishing by foreigners carries heavy penalties.

TThere are endless varieties of fish in the waters around Antalya, from sea Bream to swordfish. In the semi-salty waters, where the rivers run into the sea, there is sea bass and striped mullet, as well as pike, plaice, crayfish, crawfish and lobster. The area is a paradise for trout fishing, and in the creeks where trout are in abundance, there are also bass, carp and eel.

Camping: There are several forest camps around the resort of Kemer, around 20 km south of Antalya.