Mayor's Biography

Muhittin Böcek was born in Konyaaltı, Antalya in 1962. After completing his primary, secondary and high school educations in Antalya, he studied Public Relations and Economics at the university. He crowned his 25 years of political experience with a postgraduate degree in Public Administration and Political Science.
Muhittin Böcek performed his military service in Samsun Military Hospital and worked in agricultural production, transportation and tourism. He was active in politics since his youth and served as the Chairman of the Central District of the Anavatan Party from 1994 to 1999.
Local elections held on April 18, 1999, he became a candidate from the Anavatan Party for the Mayorship for Konyaaltı District and was elected with a 27% of the vote. After a successful 5 years period that brought a modern vision to Konyaaltı by achieving positive developments in urbanization, Muhittin Böcek became a candidate for the Republican People's Party in the local elections of 28 March 2004 and was re-elected with more than 50% of the votes for his second period.
Following his successful works in Konyaaltı Municipality, he was elected as the mayor once again with 60% of the vote on March 29th, 2009. In the local elections of March 30th 2014, he achieved to be the first mayor for four consecutive terms in the central of Antalya.
Muhittin Böcek served as the Chairman of the Union of Mediterranean Municipalities for 4 terms during his political life. In addition, he continues to serve as Board Chairman of the Western Antalya Tourism Conservation and Development Zone Infrastructure Service Association (BATAB), Konyaaltı Tourism Education and Culture Foundation (KONTEV) and also Chairman of Konyaaltı City Council. After 20 years of successful political life, Muhittin Böcek, who became a candidate from Republican People’s Party for the 2019 Local Elections for Antalya, was elected as the Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality with a rate of 50.62%. He loves city of Antalya so much and wrote a book about it called “Ben Bu Şehre Aşığım (I am in love with this city).”
Muhittin Böcek is known for his innovative management approach and his love for people and nature, gained public’s appreciation with his services and projects for people from all strata.